Negligent Security, Wrongful Death Case Results in Settlement

On April 6, 2016, seventeen-year-old Roderick Sweeting was shot and killed at the Oaks Condominium complex as he walked home from school. Roderick lived at the complex with his mother and younger brother. The property had a long history of violent crime including a previous murder, shootings, robberies, and numerous assaults. Despite this history, the condominium association and management company failed to institute any security measures. In fact, prior to the incident the property discontinued a security guard program and allowed the gates and access control to fall into a state of disrepair. As a result of these failures, gunmen were allowed onto the property to commit the crime. Roderick was a promising young man that was loved by his family, teachers, and friends. He left behind his doting mother and father as well as his brothers and sisters. The case settled for the $1 million-dollar policy limits. The plaintiff's estate was represented by Douglas J. McCarron of The Haggard Law Firm.